What the Deal Is…

So why, after so long, have I decided to claim my small plot of cyberspace???? I must admit, I do have selfish reasons in mind…

On the outskirt, without even knowing if what I desire is possible, I remain, steadfast and cluelessly optimistic.

What I invision for this site, is a means of accountability – By exposing my process to the public-at-large, I hope to glean a source of motivation required to endure the task I have set before myself.

What task is that?

The task of escaping the 9-to-5 by creating enough supplementary/passive income to be able to be financially dependent.

A lofty goal, but it is what it is.

Things will become clearly over the coming weeks/months.

In short, APPS. Mobile APPs to generate income – enough so that I can live a life free of the commitments of the world I am currently apart of.


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